Solution: SMS Backup + cannot access my Gmail

SMS Backup + is a popular android app for SMS backup & restore to Gmail. But some user facing a problem to connect their Gmail account. Message like “Could not get token from system”.

The solution:

Easy Firefox fix posted on Google play -just use firefox as browser for SMS Backup +  

1. Install firefox browser on your phone.

2. Login to Google in firefox with the same google account for your google play store.

3. Go to the SMS Backup+ app on your phone and disconnect your email from the app.

4. Reconnect your email address to the app.

5. A warning will appear that the app couldn’t connect with your Google account and asks if you want to try through another browser. Click to continue.

6. A pop-up will ask which browser, select firefox. If open in chrome copy the link & past in Firefox.

7. When firefox comes up, you will already be logged in, so just click through the prompts.

8. You will be returned to the sms backup+ app, select backup. The app will ask if you want to backup everything on the phone.

# If you haven’t backed up in awhile, this may be a good idea, but it will take a bunch of time. Be prepared for a long backup time.

App author Git :

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  1. nr. 6 i don’t have a pop-up… I did copy past in FFbut i still got the message that the app is not verifyed bij google…
    any suggestions?

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