Publish blog posts to Facebook & Twitter with “NetworkedBlogs”

Posted: July 1, 2012 at 10:47 am

If you want to publish you blog post to Facebook Profile or Facebook Page and Twitter directly, it is better to using NetworkedBlogs. It is free and reliable real time updating system for blog posts.
Step 1) For adding a new blog login (Click Get Started Now Button) via Facebook.
Step 2) Now click Register a Blog link in the top and put your blog link in the text box of Blog Link* and click Next button.
Step 3) Here put details about the blog. Like Blog Link, Blog Name, Feed Link, Language, Your Email etc. and click Next button.
Step 4) Now time to verification. Click Yes button. Two way to verify  as you are a author of the blog . 1. Ask friends to confirm you, 2. Install the widget in blog.
Step 5) Click Install the widget and copy code and put the code in blog, then click Verify Now button.
Step 6) After verifying you got a message like You are verified as the author. Then click Refresh the page to see changes to reload the page. It is noted that after verify you can remove the widget.
Step 7) Now time to auto posting. Click activate automatic syndication to Facebook and Twitter and (1) Choose a blog, (2) In Choose where you’d like to publish posts to click Add Facebook Target button. Click Add button on right side of your page then Close. You can add your profile or multiple Facebook page. You can also add Twitter to click Add Twitter Target.
From now you post automatically post your target Facebook/Twitter page. You can anytime stop this service to remove button.