Increase your Twitter Followers by using ‘Twiends’

Posted: July 6, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Twitter is a popular micro-blog. User can increase followers many ways. But today I will a automatic twitter followers increasing tips. It is a give & take system. You follow someone and someone will follow you.twiends

First go to and click Add Your Twitter Now Free! or Sign in with twitter to log-in. Then click Authorize app to authorize your twitter account.
Then click Setup Now in the Email & country and fill the click Save changes button. Now you will get a confirmation email, click the link in the mail and confirmed & get 10 seeds.
Now Select some now in Choose interests and add up-to 5 tags.
Now click Tweet now in Tweet about us and tweet this.
Now this is a impotent option, Click Settings in right top and click Change your follower options. Here check Follow back those who follow me in Step 6: Follow Back and select Only follow back those with seeds in the drop-down the click Save.
Now follow some twitter account and earn seeds.
After that when some one follow your twitter account your seed go down and your twitter follow back him/her and your seeds will increase. By the rotation your follower & followings increasing day by day.
It is noted that your following limit is 2000. To more following and earns seeds you need unfollow some following some days later. Visit Bulk Unfollow from Twitter with ‘manageflitter’ how to unfollow bulk twitter followings.