Delete X days older subfolders and files in Google Drive

I created a little script to delete subfolders & files in specific folders older than 30 days on Google Drive.It doesn’t permanently delete them, it just puts them in the Trash folder. It works quite well to delete subfolders & files from Google Drive.

function DeleteOldFiles() {
  var ManySubFolders = new Array(

  var OldDays = 30 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000; // 30 Days

  for (var key in ManySubFolders) {
    var folder = DriveApp.getFolderById(ManySubFolders[key])
    const files = folder.getFiles();
      while (files.hasNext()){
      var file =;

      if (new Date() - file.getLastUpdated() > OldDays) {
        file.setTrashed(true); // Places the file in the Trash folder
    const folders = folder.getFolders();
    while (folders.hasNext()){
      var folder =;
      if (new Date() - folder.getLastUpdated() > OldDays) {
        folder.setTrashed(true); // Places the file in the Trash folder



To complete the script, and delete subfolder & files from Google Drive:
Change FOLDER_ID_HERE with the folder ID’s you see in Google Drive. You can get them by double-clicking the folder and the URL structure will be something like this:
If you have more folders, just keep adding the ID’s to the Array.

The last part is quite easy and it requires you to make the script run once a day. While the Apps Script editor is open, in the menu click Edit -> All your triggers and then set a specific time.

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