Contact form 7 dynamic values

In Contact Form 7 you can dynamically set the values of your form input fields. Every Contact Form 7 input field supports the data-attribute.

The example above requires you to add a little bit of code to your theme, but there is also a much more straightforward way to set a value based on the querystring you add to your page URL with default:get.

Just add default:get to all fields you would like to set dynamically, like this:

<label>PACKAGE*</label>[text* package id:subject class:form-control default:get readonly]
<label>NAME*</label>[text* your-name id:name class:form-control default:get]
<label>E-MAIL*</label>[email* your-email id:email class:form-control default:get]
<label>MOBILE*</label>[text* your-mobile id:mobile class:form-control default:get]<label>DOMAIN</label>[text domain id:subject class:form-control default:get]
[submit id:submit class:button radius medium "Send"]

Now you can point people to this form with their information pre-filled in the URL, like this: Purchase

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