Upload Photos To YouTube & Create Slideshows

Posted: March 16, 2013 at 5:01 am

YouTube is best know for its video sharing or hosting site which have been improved a lot by Google in recent years. YouTube supporting higher resolutions now for instance or making available a video editor to its users and while that is certainly basic in comparison to high end video editing tools, it makes available a set of interesting features on the site directly.

Create a Photo Slideshow In YouTube

  1. Go To YouTube Website and Click The Upload Button
  2. Now, Click On “Create” Under “Photo Slideshow.” 
  3. You’ll See Upload Photos Section and Drag-Drop Photos Here.
  4. You Can (Rearrange) Their Position In The Video.
  5. Go To Next, Choose Slide duration, Slide effect and Transition.
  6. Add Background Music To Slideshow From YouTube’s Tracks (150, 000+ total).
  7. In Next Section Set Your Privacy (Public, Unlisted, Private).