Track email when it is opened by using Right Inbox

Posted: June 7, 2012 at 8:48 pm

You can track email when it is opened by using Right Inbox. Right Inbox now allowed you to schedule when your emails in Gmail were to be sent. The latest version of Right Inbox extension adds the ability to track when your emails are opened. If you currently using the Right Inbox extension, you should already see the new feature when composing an e-mail. If not have the extension currently, just install the extension form RightInbox. The extension support Firefox or Chrome.
After install the extension, compose a new message in Gmail. You will see a new button with a check box next to the title of Track after Sen Later. Compose message as you normally would, check the box if you wish to be alerted when your email is opened and send it on its way.
Track Email
Once the recipient opens that email, Right Inbox will send you an alerting email to you.

You can send 10 email per month in using Free version of Right Inbox.