Royal Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to add a google maps into your post/page/widget using shortcodes. You can generate shortcodes from post/page editor easily.


  • add marker
  • show/hide map controls
  • set map size
  • set zoom level
  • set map type
  • multiple maps on the same post
  • set location by latitude/longitude
  • set location by address
  • Info windows
  • show infowindow by default
  • add custom image as map icon
  • add KML via URL link
  • add a Fusion Table Layer
  • show traffic
  • show bike lanes
Shortcode Generator icon
royal-google-maps screenshot 1Create shortcode in post/page
royal-google-maps screenshot 2Generated Shortcode in post
royal-google-maps screenshot 3

royal-google-maps screenshot 4




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