Download MS Office 2013 Customer Preview

Posted: July 22, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Microsoft announced 16 July 2012 availability of the Office 2013 Customer Preview which allows user to get a feel for the new version. There are some different versions for user to try out each with different features. Office 365 Home Premium Preview, Office 365 Small Business Premium Preview, Office 365 Pro Plus Preview and Office 365 Enterprise Preview.
office 2013
Office 2013 will also have touch screen friendly and will provide you with features like pinch and zoom among others. Office 2013 will allow users to use a stylus to create content take notes and access other features while also allowing you to create hand-written emails.
Download MS Office 2013 Customer Preview from the link. But office 2013 will not run with previous version of windows 7.