How to : FileZilla: ENETUNREACH – Network unreachable

I was facing a problem when connecting fpt via Filezilla. The given error was the following:

The data connection could not be established: ENETUNREACH – Network unreachable

Other fpt client was working fine but File zilla. I fount it turned out that the problem was related to the Kaspersky Antivirus TCP filter, which incorrectly behave with a File Zilla established connection breaking it out.

Luckily enough this is a well-known problem on the FileZilla Project website, which even features a dedicated page explaining how to properly fix it. For your convenience, these are the required steps:
Step 1: Double click on the Kasperskysystray icon (the red “K” near the system clock).
Step 2: From the newly-opened windows, click on the “Settings” tab, then navigate to the “Anti-Virus protection” category.
Step 3: In the new panel that will show, locate and click on “Firewall“.
Step 4: To the right part of the new window, click to the “Application network rules…” button.
Step 5: Click on the “Application” column to filter the items.
Step 6: Browse the item list until you find “FILEZILLA PROJECT“: expand it by clicking to the “+” icon.
Step 7: Click on the “filezilla.exe” entry: an info panel will appear.
Step 8: Click on “Additional…” to show a new window, called “Application control rules“.
Step 9: Click on the “Exclusions” tab and check the following options:
“Do not inherit restrictions of the parent process“ & “Do not scan network traffic“
Now try to connect.

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