Common Features

Manage Email Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)
WebMail for all Accounts
Custom Mail Filtering
Mailing Lists (mailman)
Ability to Modify an MX Entry
Spam Filtering
Auto Responders

Webalizer Web Stats
Webalizer Ftp Stats
View Latest Visitors
View Bandwidth Usage
View Error Log
Download a raw log file

Manage FTP Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)
Anonymous FTP Controls
Ability to change FTP login message
Ability to kill FTP sessions

Ability to Add/Remove Sub-domains
Sub-domain Redirects
Stats for Sub-domains

Network Tools
DNS Lookup

Database Management
Manage MySQL Databases (Add, Remove, Change Password, Add Access Hosts)
phpMyAdmin Access


Site Tools
Web Protect (htaccess editor)
Ability to Change Site and FrontPage password
Custom Error Pages
Ability to Edit Mime Types
Ability to Edit Apache Handlers
Install FrontPage Extensions
Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
Search Engine Submit Tool
File Manager

Extra Features for Gold Plus Hosting:

  • Everything (FTP Accounts, Mailbox, Subdomains etc. except space & bandwidth) is unlimited.
  • Just let us know anyhow (via email, sms). We will call you when you need any help*
  • Priority support
  • Seperate control panel for your domain names (if you register domain names with us).
  • You will get full control on your domain. You can create A, MX, NS, CNAME and TXT records.
  • Anytime free upgrade
  • All other features available in server.


 * Only for clients located in Bangladesh. We will call only in mobile.

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